Topics to Track


No one can reliably predict the future of the business and climate change conversations, but we do know many of the variables that will contribute to future outcomes. These variables are worth tracking given that they:

  • Might be directly relevant to your company

  • Might be indirectly relevant to your company

  • Might contribute to climate change systemic risk events that threaten your company

  • Might be important for understanding how the public conversation about climate change is evolving, and thus how it will impact business.

This section of Your Climate Change MBA can help you track relevant variables through summary insights, curated knowledge collections, and pre-set search strings, including:

  • Accelerating Climate Change
  • Progress Toward a Low Carbon Transition
  • Abrupt Climate Change
  • Climate Activism
  • The Necessity Defense
  • Legal Outcomes and Climate Liability
  • Climate Change Tipping Points
  • Investor Divestment
  • Executive Action on Climate Change
  • Improving Impact Attribution
  • Inevitable Policy Response
  • Planetary Boundaries
  • Social Cost of Carbon
  • State and Local Action
  • The Green New Deal
  • Wicked Problems

In each case you’ll be able to access a summarized discussion of the variable and be pointed to additional resources if you want to explore it in more depth. Your Climate Change MBA will allow you to track the many variables in play with a minimum of time and effort, and will also point you to relevant curated knowledge collections in the Climate Web.